What is Sawcer?

Sawcer is a mobile application for Android and iPhone and a website for finding cooking products in local shops.

Now, to know where to get products in local shops, you have to physically walk around the shops and then remember which shop had which items. Or you can ask friends if they remember, or you can just not get what you want… and it’s 2018!

Searching local shops should be just as easy as searching online ones.

Sawcer is here to make it easier to find and know where to get products in local shops, and to share that knowledge with the local cooking community.

With Sawcer you can:

  • SEARCH where to get a particular ingredient and find it in local shops
  • ADD and SHARE where to get ingredients, particularly those tricky and special ones
  • SUPPORT local shops

Next time you need to know where to get some tahini, or halloumi, or gluten-free bread, vegan hamburgers, or artisanal beer, use Sawcer!

Coming soon to Barcelona


Search local shops for the product you're looking for

vegan product search in sawcer


Add products to help a fellow cook

adding sea salt sawcer

Support your local shops

Go to the shop
and get what you want

water kefir sawcer
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