Thank you for becoming a Private Beta tester for Sawcer, the iPhone and Android App to search for and share where to get ingredients in local shops.

You are invited because you have signed up for updates on the website, we have met and you have shown interest, or you are our friends and family (hi mum!).

The app will be released in English, Spanish and Catalan but for now we want to test the functionality while we work on the multilingual aspects so the Private Beta is only in English.

What do I have to do?

The Private Beta is open until the 20th of June and we ask you to complete a few set tasks, poke around and give us some feedback.

To take part in the beta you will need to:

  • have a Smartphone that can download applications (connected to the App Store or Google Play)
  • provide us with your phone details (Android or iPhone) and your email address (the one connected with the Google Play or App Store) so we can send you an invitation to download the app
  • spend 10-30 mins or so over the week to do some testing and provide feedback

We will give you a few small tasks to complete to see if you find it easy or hard to navigate the application.

How will I access the application?

Android users will get a link to Google Play to download the app. iPhone users will access Sawcer through the beta testing application called TestFlight.

The application is not available to the public so we need to send you a special invitation with download instructions.

What is a Private Beta?

A Private Beta is a fancy tech jargon way of saying small, early stage focus group. We ask for your feedback on the app and to give suggestions on improvements. It helps us test some assumptions that we have made and helps us to make the best possible product to launch to the public.

What do I get out of it?

The warm glow of good karma? Also your constructive feedback will help us shape the app, you may see your suggestions in the public release of Sawcer (no Winklevoss-ing please!). You will have our eternal gratefulness also, it helps us out a lot.

Once we have collated the feedback we will have an event with all our beta testers to say thank you and let you know how it went. Of course our beta tests will be invited to the launch party too.

Please feel free to write to me at any time with any questions you have about the app and the process. The email we have for the private beta is [email protected].

Adrienne and the Sawcer team