As a group of friends, we all love to cook, eat and share recipes. But we all have the same problem – where do we get the ingredients to make the dishes we love and the recipes we want to try?

In Barcelona, our local grocers and supermarkets have fantastic Mediterranean products. But we also want Asian greens and oyster sauce to make stir-fries, halloumi and tempeh for barbecues, spices for curries and things like gluten-free bread, organic flours and artisanal beers.

We also want to support our local shops – they’re our neighbours and part of our community. They’re convenient, we see what we’re buying, we can speak to someone working there, and we can take our own bag to reduce waste.

A Google search for a product finds restaurants, recipes and online shops. It searches the whole internet for information that isn’t even actually online, it’s in our collective heads.

We started with lots of actual legwork – walking around Barcelona, exploring shops and remembering when we found exciting products. We shared our knowledge between ourselves and with friends when they had questions.

Next, we created a Facebook group called Ingredient Hunters Barcelona where group members ask and share where to get products they’re looking for. It is super friendly and helpful and has grown steadily, but Facebook has its limitations so questions are often repeated as posts get lost after a couple of days. It’s not the perfect solution.

So, over some Thai green curry and Moritz, we set to work. Using our skills in programming, graphic design, digital communications and project management, we came up with a plan to turn the idea of Ingredient Hunters into an app, that we call Sawcer.

Sawcer lets you search for ingredients via a map to find your closest local supplier, and you can also share your favourite finds with others. It’s a more permanent way of sharing the information that can not only help one person but others with the same question, and the business that’s being recommended.

For shops, it means they have an online presence without having to be an online shop. For cooks, it means we don’t have to substitute or go without.

We aim to grow Sawcer as a community of people with a passion for food helping each other find tricky ingredients, at the same time supporting the local shops in our barrios.

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Adrienne, Elin, Eneida and Tom

Ene Elin Tom Ady calcotada