Ethiopian recipes

Cooking an Ethiopian Feast

Now that you know all the basic ingredients needed for Ethiopian cooking, let’s look at some recipes that you can use them in.

As we mentioned in the basics post, Ethiopian food is commonly served as a number of different dishes on a platter, beyaynetu, of injera bread.

I have included another couple of recipes for shiro wot, and misir wot, because they are so essential to any beyaynetu.

Shiro Wot is the curry made from chickpea flour, rich and runny and smooth, you will find it on every beyanetu.


Misir Wot is the staple lentil stew of Ethiopian cuisine.

Tikil gomen is potato and cabbage with green chillies. It is simple but complements the other dishes perfectly.

Keysir is a beetroot and potato dish that adds a sweetness and a pop of colour to your beyaynetu.

Fosolia/ Green Beans Alicha is a dish of beans and vegetables.


Gomen Wot is a chard wot that is very healthy, garlicky and easy to prepare.

Doro Wot is maybe the most famous dish in Ethiopia. It’s a chicken curry with eggs in it and is famous for a reason – it is delicious!

Sega Firfir is a lamb curry that is sure to impress your guests. This recipe presoaks the injera in the lovely gravy.

KikIl is a goat stew, it has a turmeric base so is a vibrant yellow colour. Please note in this video when they mention kibe, they are referring to niteh kibbeh.


Bula Genfo of False Banana is a breakfast porridge.  It is not sweet! I thought it might be an interesting recipe to include here. This recipe is in both Amharic and English.

Thanks to @ngizee for his doro wot photo, you can see his delicious recipe here.