Halloumi χαλλούμι

Halloumi is the squeaky, salty, sheep milk cheese that is amazing grilled on a barbecue, fried, drizzled in lemon juice or on a burger.

Used in Lebanese cheese pies or in a salad with bulgur and mint and pomegranate or watermelon. 

If you haven’t tried it yet you’re in for a treat! 

grilled halloumi

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Vegetarian and gluten-free halloumi

Traditionally made halloumi is not made with rennet so is a vegetarian cheese. Check the label to make sure, of course. And, as a cheese it is gluten-free.

Where to buy halloumi in Barcelona

B.H.G Supermercat del Món Carrer del Parlament, 21, 08015

Manjares Carrer Torrent de l’Olla 146, 08012

Symposion Sabor Grec Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, La Rambla, 91, 08001

The Quick Greek Carrer d’Astúries, 67, 08012

Ametller Origen Various locations

Mercat Arab Carnisseria y Alimentacio Carrer de l’Hospital, 107, 08001

A Taste of Home – The English Supermarket Carrer de Floridablanca, 80, 08015

Lidl during their occasional, special ‘Greek Week’

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