Thai curry pastes

Khrueng Kaeng เครื่องแกง - Thai Curry Pastes

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Thai curry pastes

How to make Thai curry

You can make Thai curry at home pretty easily.

You will need:

Thai Curry Paste
Coconut milk – 400ml
Vegetables / Meat (whatever you feel like putting in)
Kaffir lime leaves
Palm sugar (or sugar)
Fish sauce
Garnish (Thai basil, coriander, mint)

Use a saucepan, wok is better if you have it, and heat it up. Carefully open the can of coconut milk and take the cream off, put that in the hot wok and the oil should separate when it gets hot. (This is called ‘cracking the coconut’ but it may not happen with coconut milks with added stabilisers). If you can’t skim off the coconut cream off, you can heat up a spoonful of coconut or vegetable oil.

Add a tablespoon or more of curry paste into the oil and stir around so that it fries the paste and releases the flavours, about 30 seconds – one minute.

You can then add in your meat and cook it, it should cool the mixture down a bit, you don’t want it to burn. Add in vegetables and cook them for a couple of minutes then add a couple of kaffir lime leaves, add in the rest of the coconut milk and cook until the vegetables are done.

Add fish sauce and palm sugar to season the dish. The fish sauce adds saltiness and a depth of flavour, it can be replaced by tamari and lime juice if you don’t eat fish. Palm sugar is commonly used but white sugar can be used. You will start to notice how sweet restaurant curries are after making it yourself.

Serve over rice, you can garnish with coriander leaves, mint or Thai basil. You can also have some sliced red chillies and lime wedges.

Make your own curry paste

Suresh from 3 Hungry Tummies has a fantastic collection of homemade recipes and ways to use them. Use the paste to flavour other dishes like Thai chicken cakes and stir fries.

Vegan and vegetarian Thai curries

Many store bought curry pastes are vegan. Some can include shrimp paste so, as always, read the label before purchasing.

As mentioned earlier, fish sauce for seasoning can be replaced with tamari and lime juice.

Gluten-free Thai curries

Thai curries are gluten-free!

Where to buy Thai Curry Paste in Barcelona

Dong Fang – Extremo Oriente
Carrer de Balmes, 6, 08007

Cosmo Cash and Carry
Ronda de Sant Antoni, 11, 08011

Yang Kuang Supermercado
Passeig de Sant Joan, 12-14, 08010

B.H.G Supermercat del Món
Carrer del Parlament, 21, 08015

WHL Supermercat SL
Carrer de Calàbria, 40, 08015

Oriental Market
Carrer de Sicília, 212, 08013

Oriental Foods – Yang Tueng
Carrer de Nàpols, 177, 08013

Oriental Foods And Veggie
Carrer dels Tallers 77, 08001 Spain

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