Thai recipes

A collection of recipes by cooks that we love, showing great methods and tips to make great Thai dishes.

A Classic Pad Thai recipe with the amusingly named Poo whose cooking school in Bangkok is called Cooking With Poo!!

There was a vegan Pad Thai in the basics page but here’s another one  I love.

Ayam brand is a popular curry brand, these instructions can be used for any store bought (or home made!) curry paste.

This papaya salad uses unripe green papaya and is a salty, tangy delight.

Penang curry with pork

This is called Penang Curry and is the Thai version of the one from the neighbouring state in Malaysia.

Red curry paste is usually added to the coconut milk rather than fried at the start (as happens with green curry). These cooks make a vegetarian and non vegetarian version simultaneously.

And a vegan version of red curry because the best bits are the broth and all the vegetables in my opinion.

A babyfaced Mark Wiens (now popular traveller and taster of exotic dishes) makes this popular street food made with pork, spices, herbs and lime juice. 

A classic on Thai menus around the world, this stir-fried beef noodle dish is the Thai version of beef and brocolli.

And finally a dessert. Some easy to make, coconut pancakes.