Mexican Recipes

Cooking a Mexican Feast

Now that you know all the basic ingredients needed for Mexican cooking, let’s look at some recipes that you can use them in.


We’ll start with the variations of recipes that use masa / tortillas.

Empanadas! You can’t go wrong with this fried treat. Make the dough and roll it out and fill it with anything, fry it, dip in hot sauce and you’re in Mexican heaven.

Sopes use the classic masa dough, but a bit thicker and topped with beans, veggies, anything you like.

Tlacoyos are filled masa pastries that are then cooked on a hotplate.

Soft and crunchy and cheesy and a bit spicy. Enchiladas are an easy weekday meal and so, so good.

Elotes are a classic Mexican street food snack, with corn, mayonnaise, spices, and lime.

Pozole is a hearty soup that is usually made to celebrate the new years. With a hominy base, meat, and loads of veggies it’s a great way to start the year, or end a week!

Chicken Tinga can be eaten with rice or made and then put into tacos, sopes, inside tlacoyos.

Birria is a spicy stew usually made with beef, goat or meat. It originates from the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Mole is the famed chocolate sauce from Oaxaca. Made traditionally it takes days and as many as 30 ingredients. This is a much more accessible but still traditional recipe.

Hoja Santa was mentioned in the Mexican basics page and it’s tricky to get outside Mexico, and even super hard to find recipes that use it in English! This recipe is in Spanish but is simple and accessible to follow. 

And to wash it down, a hibiscus tea, agua de Jamaica, fermented pineapple drink, tepache, a Mexican beer (Pacifico or Dos XX) or of course a classic margarita.